Thatcher’s – The alternative obituary (First published April 2013)


Without Margaret Thatcher each and every UK citizen might still have a share in British Telecom, Cable and Wireless, British Aerospace, Britoil, British gas, British steel, British petroleum, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, British Airways, Water, British coal, Powergen, National power & British rail. Without Thatcher the UK might have a suitable stock of social housing with no need to provide a subsidy to private landlords through housing benefit. Without Thatcher further social housing would have been built. Without Thatcher bankers could not become banksters, but she took away regulations on their greed.

Thatcher supported apartheid in South Africa by refusing sanctions and called Nelson Mandela a terrorist, she supported General Pinochet, who murdered over 3000 people.

Lets not forget there was the poll tax, covering up of Hillsborough and her dodgy arms dealing son Mark. Thatcher chose her friends carefully and invited Jimmy Saville to dinner every Christmas.

Basically the woman killed British industry, in favour of a weightless economy that benefits the few, sold off anything of value, on the cheap, to her wealthy, establishment friends, whilst breaking workers unions and restricting welfare, including to those who lost their jobs under her greed. She provided the wealthy an opportunity to plunder from the poor.

Unfortunately her corrupt ideology has repercussions that are still felt today with an ever widening gap between the rich and the poor. A truly nasty, nasty woman who embodied and helped create the ‘greed is good’ mentality of the 80s and demonstrated it by declaring war on the working class. The only opportunities, she created were for those that didn’t need them.


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