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Privileged feudal land owner celebrates 60th anniversary of ceremony to make her unelected head of state

Sixty fucking years, various propaganda specialists for the BBC have been demonstrating a hard on like a diamond in an ice storm, powered by sycophancy Viagra, for all things Royal. Did we not have enough of this last year with the fucking ‘Jubilee’. There was even a Jubilee concert that Kim Jong Un probably thought […]

Thatcher’s – The alternative obituary (First published April 2013)

Without Margaret Thatcher each and every UK citizen might still have a share in British Telecom, Cable and Wireless, British Aerospace, Britoil, British gas, British steel, British petroleum, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, British Airways, Water, British coal, Powergen, National power & British rail. Without Thatcher the UK might have a suitable stock of social housing with […]

Who benefits from benefits? (First published Feb 2013)

Last week via his State of the union address President Barack Obama signalled his intention to raise the minimum wage in the United States from $7.25 per hour to $9 per hour. Within 24 hours, here in the UK, Iian Duncan Smith explained why he disagrees with the High Courts decision that found it illegal […]

Social media as a sedative (First published Feb 2013)

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across this article on the BBC website by entitled ‘Why vandalism rates are falling’ ( The article explains that, according to latest figures, set to be confirmed by the office of national statistics, vandalism is on the decline! Good news and all sorts of parties, from the people […]